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  • "Werker provides a thoughtful look at the internal voices that keep people from expressing their creativity in a book that will work well beyond the crafting world; anyone needing to identify their own blocks will find this inspiring title useful in their own lives." [link]

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  • "Make It Mighty Ugly has us aim directly for failure so we can get it over with. Upbeat without being saccharine, Kim invites us to identify our personal monsters and listen to what they have to say in a series of exercises designed to loosen up our creative muscles. The paperback is a pleasure to hold, small enough to fit neatly into a handbag, with a lovely thick, nubbly paper cover. It feels really good to write in, too." [link]  


Where failure's kinda pretty

Man, failing is terrifying. And unpleasant.

It’s so awful that we avoid it at all costs. Sometimes the stress of possible failure keeps us up at night. Ruins our appetite. Shuts down our creativity.

But just like shining a light under the bed eases our fear that monsters are chomping on the bed springs, taking a nice deep breath of failure can be downright refreshing.

We learn great big lessons when we fail, even if we’re hurting.

Most of all, we learn that failure isn’t the end. It doesn’t kill us. It doesn’t stop us, even if it slows us down for a while.

Mighty Ugly is about celebrating the benefits of failure so we’re not so afraid of doing big things. Because big things rarely happen on the first try.