Mighty Ugly workshops are ideal for corporate team-building, for fostering creativity and out-of-the-box thinking*, and for company retreats.

Creating ugly crafts requires a major shift of thinking and doing. For office workers, just doing crafts at all is often a profound, if not hilarious, experience. The shift to working with one’s hands is a great facilitator of creative thinking. Add on the ugly requirement and you’ve got some serious gear-turning (and laughing) going on. That laughter, and the novelty of the situation, provides a great setting for team building.

The Details

All Mighty Ugly workshops are led by the project’s founder, Kim Werker. Kim has spoken about crafts and creativity to groups all over North America, she’s written six crochet books and she’s a popular blogger. She’s dedicated the last six years to encouraging people to explore their creativity and empowering them to try new things.

Kim can tailor a workshop to your team’s unique needs. Focus can be placed on team building, on creative thinking, on brainstorming, on just having a good time, or on pretty much anything you require.

All supplies and tools are provided.

Please contact Kim for more information and for a quote. You can reach her at kim-AT-mightyugly.com, by phone at 778-960-3096, or by filling in the contact form.

*With the recognition that this term is so 1999.