We offer custom workshops that cater to organizations’ and attendees’ particular needs. (Please note that, with few exceptions, our workshops are for adults. Even though we do arts and crafts. Really.) We also lead freeform or short workshops at events like Maker Faire Vancouver, The One of a Kind Show, Hello Etsy and Cos & Effect.

Depending on your needs, a workshop can focus on team-building; creative problem-solving; combatting block, perfectionism or doubt; just having fun; or a combination of these or other appropriate applications.

Generally speaking, we offer two kinds of custom workshops. Hands-on sessions involve making an ugly creature and exploring failure through the medium of arts and crafts (this is especially rewarding and fun in office settings that involve a lot of computer work). We discuss the pressures inherent in creative endeavours – from solving business problems to making art – and connect the dots between our ugly crafts project and the challenges we face in general when it comes to any sort of pursuit. Hands-on sessions require no crafts experience, and are appropriate for any group, from corporate professional-development groups to arts groups. All materials and tools are provided.

Discussion sessions are, well, self-explanatory aren’t they? These sessions are most appropriate for larger groups consisting of people who live or work in a creative mindset and are intimately acquainted with the voice inside their head that speaks ugly things.

We’re always open to hearing your idea for an event or workshop catered to your specific needs.

Mighty Ugly is based in Vancouver, Canada. We’re available to do workshops all over the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, and we’re open to being invited anywhere in the world. We love home and we’re also adventurous.

Workshops are led by Kim Werker, and can last anywhere from two hours to half a day. All supplies and tools are provided for hands-on workshops. Venue is not provided (read: we don’t have our own studio you can visit; consider us a band of wildly entertaining, fun-creating ugly nomads; except it’s just Kim).

Please contact Kim for more information and for a quote. You can reach her at kim-AT-mightyugly.com, by phone at 778-960-3096, or by submitting our contact form.