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Help Mighty Ugly rock Vancouver Maker Faire!

Last year I was only able to run the Mighty Ugly crafting booth for a few hours each day of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. But this year! Oh, this year I’m determined to have the ugly crafting going on the whole time.

To do that, I’m gonna need some help. That’s where you might come in.

If you’re jacked up by the idea of being a Maker but you’re not quite ready to show off your own project, come help me with Mighty Ugly! You’ll get to experience the event from the other side of the table yet still have loads of time to check out all the other amazing stuff as well.

Check out the form below, and submit it if you’d like to help be a part of something ugly and amazing and creative and wonderful.

Kim Werker

Kim Werker runs Mighty Ugly. She's a writer and freelance editor whose latest book, Make It Mighty Ugly, is coming in the fall of 2014. Kim tries to make something ā€“ anything ā€“ every day. Many of those things are awful; some are not. Learn more about her work, teaching schedule and ragtag adventures at

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