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Gettin’ Ugly at Northern Voice

Last weekend was the annual Northern Voice personal blogging conference here in Vancouver. I had a great time handing out the new Mighty Ugly Moo mini cards, but beyond that I was psyched that some ugly creatures got some sweet attention.

My friend Kimli Welsh led a session at the conference about overcoming social anxiety in part by using online social media. And she gave out some swag bags. And into ten of those swag bags went creatures people made at the very first Mighty Ugly crafts night I held at my house. I joked with Kimli that she might give out the first swag bags in the history of swag bags that recipients might want to return…

Thanks to Monica for these great pics!

ETA: Check out Ariane Colenbrander’s post about the ugly doll she got in her swag bag.

Mighty Ugly @ Northern Voice

photo credit Monica Miller

Mighty Ugly Moo Mini Card

photo credit Monica Miller

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