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Signed Books & Bookplates Now Available!

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I’ve finally opened an online shop. Twice! (Why do it just once when you can do it twice?)

I’ve stocked these shops with copies of Make It Mighty Ugly that I will sign for you, for your friends and family, and for anyone else you’d like to give a signed book to (including that art teacher in high school who said you were doing it wrong, and your neighbour who’s always so desperately interested in all the projects you do).

I’ve also put bookplates in there, for people who already have a copy of the book but would like to have it signed (a signed bookplate is a sticker, signed by me, that fits perfectly on the title page of the book).

And for kicks, I’ve also listed signed prints of Be Explicit, since I had those made up last spring, so why not. One of those would be a great gift for a writer or editor you really like.

Shipping both within Canada and to the U.S. ain’t cheap, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth it for some signed bookish treats. I’ll certainly include an extra wee treat or two in your package, because obviously. In fact, until I run out, I’m writing quick notes on Wonder Woman stationery. Again, obviously.

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If you have questions about any of this, let me know!


And note! Craftsy’s having their biggest sale of the year – through Monday, December 1st, all classes are $19.99, including my beginner crochet class!


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What’s Your Story Interview and Book Giveaway

About a month ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Meighan O’Toole for her podcast, What’s Your Story. We spoke quite a lot about feeling like a freak for any number of reasons, often in the context of various experiences I had with jobs, including those related to CrochetMe.com and Interweave Crochet. And obviously, we talked about the book. And for the first (only) time in my life, Meighan quoted me to me, which was both unsettling and lovely. Have a listen, eh? If you enjoy it, give it a heart over on SoundCloud or a rating on iTunes – those make Meighan super happy, as they should.

Meighan is giving away two copies of Make It Mighty Ugly over on Instagram – check out her post for simple instructions on how to enter. (If you aren’t on Instagram, perhaps this will be the thing to nudge you to join. It’s wormed its way deep into my heart, such that I now consider it equal to Twitter in the joy I derive from it and in how tremendously useful it is for work. Follow me there, eh?)

Oh, one more thing about the podcast. We talked about how problematic I find it when people attribute their successes to luck, and we briefly – too briefly – touch on the topic of privilege. Privilege is certainly a factor of luck, and it’s an important thing to consider when assessing one’s particular circumstances. I’ve become quite comfortable taking credit for my successes while also acknowledging the factors I have no control over, but I also experience all things in my life through the prism of some pretty undeniable privilege. I’m a straight white woman from a middle-class background who lives in a country with guaranteed healthcare. Each of these factors – and countless others, to be sure – contributes to the kinds of opportunities I’m presented with and to my ability to seize them. It’s important to think about this, because when I say things like, don’t attribute your successes to luck – you’ve earned them, I say it knowing that some people really do have more luck than others; more importantly, some people have considerably less luck.

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Preorder the Mighty Ugly Book Today!

Want to know the official title? Of course you do. Behold: Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain’t Pretty.

The book doesn’t even have a cover yet, but my publisher must have listed the metadata about it somewhere public, because all the booksellers have slurped it up and now you can pre-order it from all manner of places like IndieBound (support your local indie booksellers, friends, they’re the heart of the book world!), Powells, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Chapters.

A further note about your local indie bookstore: You can ask them to order the book for you, too – it’s not just an online thing! Just go right into the store or phone them up, give them the title above and my name, and though they might raise an eyebrow that you’re asking them to order a book that won’t be released for another eight months, I bet they’ll also smile that you’re asking them to do the ordering. Because they love you, you book fanatic, you. And they love books.

So what do you get when you pre-order the book? Well, you get the book, obviously, as soon as it comes out in early September. Early September is so long from now that you’ll pretty much be buying yourself a surprise. And who doesn’t love a surprise?

Also, you’ll get to wear the special feather in your hat that says you bought the book even before it had a cover. Talk about being an early adopter!

And finally, you can help indicate in some small way to the people and machines that track this sort of thing that there is interest in this book, and that might maybe someday lead them to, like, pay more attention to selling it to people. Which would be a very good thing.

As the time between now and then shortens, I’ll tell you way more about the book – like what you’ll find in there and what that’ll do for you, and what’s on the cover, and what I ate while I was writing it, and where I wrote it, and all sorts of stuff you never knew you wanted to know. But for now, it’s time for early adoption! Suspense and anticipation is what it’s all about!

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